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Cafepress Artists Lose 70-80% Of Their Income

Cafepress = Cafe Opress

Last post I told you about Cafepress’ decision to take away most of their artists’ incomes, and then writing a press release to make it seem like a good thing. As soon as this announcement was made, they created a folder on their forum where us shopkeepers could express how devastated we were. Cleverly, they put that folder is in a private section of their forum, so that the general public would not be able to view it. All other threads related to the announcements were promptly locked or moved to the private folder. Gotta make sure that they don’t tarnish their image, after all.

They’ve since locked the folder until June 1st, when the Marketplace changes take place. So now we have nowhere left to discuss this subject, and I’m sure that any attempts to do so will be promptly locked and/or deleted. This plays a large part in what inspired me to start this blog. The general public needs to know the truth about how Cafepress’ decision affects their artists.

So how will the new 10% commision REALLY effect the artists who have helped build Cafepress into what it is today? Here’s what some shokpeepers had to say:

“This is truly a horrible decision. There is no spinning this in a positive light. It will chop off 80% of my income easily.”

– – – – – – – – – –

“I am shocked and discouraged. 10% is ridiculous. It’s insulting. It’s like saying our designs are only 10% of the process it takes to sell an item.

Right now, I sell plenty of $30 items where I get to keep $10. With this new plan, I get $3. That’s a 70% pay cut. It baffles me.”

– – – – – – – – – –

“As it stands, my commission for the day is $160.

If I calculate how much I would have made under the new system, assuming an average retail price of $10 per ornament, $25 per yard sign, $5 per bumper sticker, $25 per fitted shirt and $5 per magnet (all the things I have sold today), I end up with a whopping $27 in commission.

And that’s on an unusually good day. On an average day, I make around $50-60 in commission, which would get me about $10 under the new system.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Ask yourself this: would YOU continue to work for a company who gave you and all of your co-workers a 70-80% pay cut?


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